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Painter  |  Poet  |  Teller of Dad Jokes

“Many of my subjects are places that have special significance: a childhood home, a favorite restaurant, a treasured landmark. Familiar places provide us sanctuary from the loud world. I want the viewer to inject their own story into the painting. ‘Oh that’s the place where Steve got engaged! I love that place!’ Because that's what art is supposed to do. Once written, once painted, once composed, a piece of art no longer belongs to the artist. It becomes the property of the audience, and all intention and meaning the artist planned to present is up for intimate interpretation.”

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Kenny Lapins’ paintings are inspired by the Fauvist movement of the early 1900s, showcasing a vivid, expressionistic, and non‑naturalistic use of color.

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Through the juxtaposition of expressing modern scenes in a venerable style, Kenny presents his view of the world: the environments in which we live and work are full of art — angles, patterns and palettes can be found all around us if we choose to see them.


His hope is that we are left infused with what William Wordsworth called, “that blessed mood, in which the burthen of the mystery, in which the heavy and the weary weight of all this unintelligible world, is lightened.”

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